I have loved sports from a young age. Dad grew up playing tennis and rugby, and watching motorsports. It definitely rubbed off on me, but my passion for sport was a little different. While I really liked sport and wanted to be involved, I knew I wasn’t athletically good at anything in particular (I tried everything). Oddly, what I really liked was watching replays of people injuring themselves. What did they do? Why is that different from that other thing? It clicked. I was fascinated by the human body.

My earliest memory of replaying an injury over and over again is the video below. It’s Darren Cresswell from Sydney whacking his kneecap back in after it dislocated. I didn’t really know what was happening but looking back, I now realise that this was the awakening of my obsession with rehab. My own knee injury a number of years ago resulted in physio, myo and osteo treatment. Call it recon, but I wanted to experience the different treatments and experience all the different aspects of therapy.

While the human body has been extensively researched and studied, our knowledge is still evolving and prior recommendations are now being altered, flipped and rewritten. Now the fun bit is following the updates and following that passion that still rumbles inside. We’re forever learning, changing and adapting, and I’m loving every second of it!

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Warning: Graphic kneecap dislocation video