Sometimes you just need a kick in the right direction. Whether you’ve fallen off the horse or you know you just need to strengthen your body up, the best way is forward. Let me take you through it one simple step at a time, and yes…you’re starting today!

We need to shift your thinking. After all, active people don’t sit on the couch and play with devices all day. Your behaviour influences your family, partner and kids around you – and wouldn’t you like them to be more active too?

Remember to keep in line with what your osteo has suggested, so don’t push yourself if you’re not sure about some of these – or better yet, ask again.

  • Day 1. Get up and go for a 20min walk (you should be puffed and not able to hold a conversation). Make it fun and take some music. Find a walking buddy, and your four legged friends count! Smile or say hello to a stranger who’s also embarking on a walking journey!
  • Day 2. Repeat day 1.  Add a healthy meal. My suggestion: poached eggs with some spinach and avocado. YUM!
  • Day 3. Repeat day 2.  Let’s try some small home resistance exercises – push ups, tricep dips, planking, squats and lunges.
  • Day 4. Repeat day 2. This is getting fun! Send a funny picture, meme or quote to a friend and inspire them to join you.
  • Day 5. Today we get a tasty lunch! Pick a meat, add some salad and make sure it’s colourful! We’re also going to make that walk 30 minutes!
  • Day 6.  Repeat day 3. SNACKS! Apples/oranges, carrot/celery sticks and nuts are my personal favourites. Buy multiples and eat what you feel like.
  • Day 7.  Repeat all the activities from above – 30 min walk, eggs for breakfast, healthy snacks, healthy meat and salad for lunch and plenty of water. The final step is to add raw or steamed veggies. Now just keep on repeating day 7 for the next 7 days and you should feel more energised, positive and full of motivation!


The best way to continue your motivation is to create a target, pick a date 4-6 weeks in advance. Repeat and steadily increase, and when you get to that date if you’re still walking and eating well you’ve earned the right to shop for a top, pants, shoes or fitness tracker!


Look after yourselves,